Ian Hibell, the world famous rugged terrain cyclist, adventurer, photojournalist and lecturer gained a taste for travelling during his R.A.F. service in the 1950’s. So in 1963, determined to see more of the world, he left Brixham, Devon, to explore some of the most wild and inaccessible places on Earth. He has pushed, dragged or carried his bike from the fringes of the Antarctica to the jungles of the Amazon, from the Artic to the remoter islands of Indonesia. This drew the attention of the international media. A guest on the BBC television ‘Globetrotter’ series, and ‘Blue Peter’, he was honoured by the League of American Wheelmen and by the CTC for his ‘trail-blazing' tenacity. He was invited to address the Yale University and has since lectured on both sides of the Atlantic.

Naturally there are many extraordinary stories to tell, so many people and places, so many miles. Chased by an elephant, sniffed by a lion, jailed, shot at. More friendly confrontations have led to hospitality by such as an Eskimo princess, a Dyak headman in Borneo, African chiefs and missionaries. How did it all begin? Ian was given leave of absence from Standard Telephones and Cables, Paignton, in order, it was hoped, to get the travel bug out of his system. He left for a two-year tour, he returned ten years later, a modern day Marco Polo. He never did summon up the nerve or the inclination to ask for his old job back. Ian has been travelling ever since.