Some of the notable people who lived at or had a connection with Cefn Ila.

Edward Lister

Edward Longworth Lister

William Henry Hartmann

Henry Dunning

Comte Gerard Gustavus Ducarel de la Pasture, 4th Marquis de la Pasture.

Léontine de la Pasture (née Standish)

Georgiana Mary Ducarel de la Pasture (née Loughnan)

Comte Henri Phillip Ducarel de la Pasture

Monica Lily Bullough (née de la Pasture)

Dorothy Charrington

Hermione Bullough

Captain Charles Edward Mary de la Pasture.

Agatha de la Pasture (née Mosley)

Comte Gerard Hugh Ducarel de la Pasture, 5th Marquis de la Pasture.

Ida de la Pasture (née Mosley)

Anne Elizabeth Minkiewicz (née de la Pasture)

Comte Pierre Antoine Gerard de la Pasture, 6th Marquis de la Pasture.

Phil.T.Clift (1872 -1954)

Walter Stafford Gustard

Kate Ayres Gustard

Myra (Maria) Gustard (née Davies)

And, of course, all the nurses, doctors, staff and not forgetting the all babies that were born at Cefn Ila.